About Us

Dear Prospective Clients,

Thank you for taking the time to consider Family and Healthcare Solutions, Inc. as a potential partner in securing the optimal outcome in your current health situation.

Background of Our Company

As someone who has worked in different healthcare settings including; hospitals, nursing homes and home health, I was frustrated by the fact that there were resources available to clients, but clients and providers alike were not aware of these resources. Those who are aware work in silos.

Doctors in hospitals do not know about their client’s home situations and are too busy to find out, family members often have difficulties communicating with hospital physicians for care planning, client’s primary physicians are often unaware of their client’s being hospitalized until the client comes back to the office with discharge papers, home health nurses have difficulty reaching and communicating with primary physicians etc.

This frustration led me to seek another route of providing health care, a solutions based approach, where money and resources are not the solution, but the right combination of resources and the collaboration of stakeholders. Family and Healthcare Solutions, Inc. was therefore born.

We take pride in doing our best to meet your individual needs. We are guided by our values of integrity, open communication, dedication and accountability. We value your trust and intend on keeping it.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office 202-621-7329 with any questions and/or concerns. Thank you for your time and consideration of Family and Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Roger Momjah
Administrator of Family and Healthcare Solutions, Inc.